What SEARCH believes in.


Code of EthicS

SEARCH knows the strategic role it plays and its impact on the community in which it operates: organizations, candidates, suppliers, employees and press. Due to the responsibility with its publics, its code of ethics is followed dutifully.

  • Confidentiality & transparency

    SEARCH builds transparent relationships of trust along with the community in which it operates, respecting the confidentiality of the data received.

  • Commitment

    SEARCH does everything with passion and dedication, involving all the team in the achievement of the objectives proposed.

  • Communication

    SEARCH informs in an assiduous, constant and clear manner about each stage of the project, both to the clients and to the candidates involved.

  • Conflict of interest

    SEARCH uses the open, mature and responsible dialog to solve eventual conflicts of interest.

  • Profissionalism

    SEARCH conducts its activities, representing the

    Executive Search profession, in a positive manner.

  • Equal opportunities

    SEARCH offers egalitarian conditions in the selective processes based on objective and fair assessments.