SEARCH. The safest and most

effective choice for your company to

hire and develop its professionals.

Corporate Solutions

Speed, market know-how and a successful track record in several segments.

No matter the size of your company – small, medium or large –, SEARCH offers tailor-made services and innovative solutions for you to hire and develop your executives, optimizing even more the results in your business.

  • Recruitment and Selection

    SEARCH is a specialist in the selection and hiring of executives. For you to find professionals with knowledge, professional path and profile aligned with the culture, the objectives and the challenges of your business, SEARCH offers customized consulting services, operational organization and active participation in the entire process.

    Indicated to companies that look for:

    Hiring middle management executives

    Ensuring assertiveness in the choosing of talented and trained professionals

    Knowing executives

    with characteristics in

    tune with its business

    SEARCH Differentials

    Methodology with focus and metrics of results

  • Proactive Recruitment

    In the Proactive recruitment, or Pipeline of Talents, SEARCH makes the previous identification of the best professionals even before the position is required.

    Developed for companies with a constant demand for new talents, the service

    allows a significant time reduction of the hiring.

    Indicated to companies that look for:

    Having the best

    talents pre-approved

    to be hired

    Supplying a

    permanent demand

    for executives

    Hiring the right professional at

    any time

    SEARCH Differentials

    Right hiring with speed and agility

  • Assessment

    The assessment evaluates the potential of executives, professionals and teams and the compatibility with the area in which the activities are developed. SEARCH analyses attributes and competences, besides indicating development actions according to the objectives, the challenges and the corporate values of your business

    Indicated to companies that look for:

    Valuing the human capital with promotions and relocation of people

    Developing career

    plans to maintain the

    team motivated


    deeply the team of


    SEARCH Differentials

    4-dimensional assessment to show the best of your talents

  • Coaching

    The specialized coaching of SEARCH has an assertive methodology based on goals. Comprehensive, agile and efficient, the program provides the professional with fast

    and effective growth, improving qualities such as flexibility, ability to listen, to accept changes and to relate with other people.

    Indicated to companies that look for:

    Developing the emotional and behavioral competences of the executives

    Leveraging the leadership and the productivity of the managers

    Improving the

    managing capability

    of the main leaders

    SEARCH Differentials

    High performance method to develop leaders

  • Market Mapping

    This tool gathers detailed information about the organizational structure and the professionals. It is developed from pre-selected companies, the research results in a map with the identification of the talents for your demand.

    Indicated to companies that look for:

    Follow the market trends

    Obtaining support information for specific hires

    Establishing an efficient human resources policy

    Creating differentiated strategies to attract qualified people

    Learning about the organizational structure of the competitors

    Knowing where the right professionals for each demand are

    SEARCH Differentials

    A map with everything that your company is looking for

  • Organizational Development

    To help companies adapt to the demands of the market, SEARCH has created a comprehensive service that goes from the assessment and the strategic planning to the mapping and the management of indicators. SEARCH participates in the development, conception of the solution, implementation and monitoring. The joint and integrated work creates customized and differentiated solutions to meet the demands and the requirements of each client.

    Indicated to companies that look for:

    Knowing deeply the human aspects, the processes

    and the activities of its collaborators

    Adapting its organizational

    structure to the

    strategic challenges

    Making important changes in the organizational structure

    Generating behavioral changes aimed at the success of the business

    Obtaining support in its competences and knowledge, ensuring the sustainability of

    the solutions

    SEARCH Differentials


    Concept based on the knowledge transfer