Discover with SEARCH how

to transform your potential in

a successful career.

Solutions for your career

A successful career path is like a company: it requires vision, planning and constant development. Thanks to its experience in several corporations, SEARCH offers expertise and knowledge for you to outline an efficient strategy to improve competences and take the best decisions for your career.

  • Personal Coaching

    Extract the best from the career, developing knowledge, attitudes and skills that

    can leverage your performance and quality of life. SEARCH offers specialized support

    for you to reach your maximum performance in the position you work or to look for

    the highest positions in the market.

    Indicated to professionals that look for:

    Improving their performance

    Achieving goals

    Understanding situations of conflict

    Increasing their personal and general perception

    Improving competences

    Expanding creativity

    Generating mobilizing attitudes

    SEARCH Differentials

    Knowledge and expertise at your service for your growth

  • Career Counseling

    At SEARCH you find the service of Career Counseling to guide you in the reassessment

    of your career, in the identification of alternatives and in the choosing of the best opportunities to continue evolving.

    Indicated to professionals that look for:

    Overcoming periods

    of instability

    Finding answers

    to professional questions

    Reassessing a

    stagnant career

    Having basis for important decisions regarding the professional future

    Obtaining support for the resignation in the present company

    Identifying and knowing the main strengths

    SEARCH Differentials

    Complete support for new career perspectives