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about us


One of the most respected HR consultancies in the country, SEARCH is an expert in the recruitment of executives (medium and top management positions) to national and multinational companies of all sizes.


Its focus is on the identification, the assessment, the recruitment and the development of talents to support the companies to progress in the business starting from the efficient management of the intellectual capital.


Founded in 2007, SEARCH has more than 1,600 managers hired, with countless successful cases, loyal clients and an index of service buyback above 80%. Build long term relevant relationships, aiming at the development of the people and of the business: this is the basis of the success of SEARCH.


Senior partners ahead of each project

At SEARCH, all the partners have more than 15 years of experience in executive search, human resources and businesses. The projects are conducted by partners specialized in each market segment, with extensive knowledge in several organizational environments, besides the skill to extract and understand in detail the needs of each company.

Goal oriented methodology

SEARCH has developed an exclusive process that connects its market mapping methodology (hunting) to a modern database and the access to the digital media, under the management of a trained team.

Strategic international alliances

Besides providing services throughout Brazil with its own team and not making use of outsourced services, SEARCH has operational partners that expand its operations to Americas, Europe and Asia.

Communication and transparency

Through constant feedback and communication with complete transparency, SEARCH establishes strong connections based on the commitment, ethics and discretion. Here, the objective is to offer the best options, valuing the career of the executive and the growth of the business.

Services to companies of all sizes

Expert with successful cases in the development of activities along with large corporations, SEARCH also offers organizational development projects to meet the growing demand of small and medium companies that want to stand out.